Many residents have been asking for Bocce Ball Courts and this year, one of our projects is the installation of two new courts. This will add another activity for you to enjoy! 

Perimeter and Town House Fencing

Tennis Court Retaining Wall



Landscape Design

As you know, the Board of Trustees engaged the services of Phil Cheny Landscape Design to provide an overall redesign for the Belmont's mature and dated landscaping. We have since undertaken the design process with the skills and vision of Whitten Landscaping. Craig Whitten knows what the designer intended for the entire property and by utilizing his expertise, the Belmont will save thousands in design work. The  project will be performed in phases over several years. 

  • 2015: Phase One -       Redesign and planting of the main bed in front of Building Four.
  • ​2016 - Phase two -     Redesign and planting of the main island in front of buildings 3 & 4 and one                                                                townhouse island; representing the future of all townhouse islands
  • 2017 - Phase Three - Removal of all overgrown trees and shrubs in front of building five.
  •                                         removal of overgrown shrubs and vegetation in front of building six.
  •                                         REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT OF OLD LANDSCAPE IN FRONT OF TH 31.

Carpet Installation

As you all know; one of the big topics of discussion was picking the color and style of the carpeting for the mid rise buildings. There seemed to be no clear consensus, so  the owners decided at the final onsite meeting of 2014 to retain the services of an interior designer. The Board engaged Beth Williams to handle this process. She has picked out a beautiful carpet and border that will be repeated throughout the property.

Building One and Two were completed in the spring of 2015. Buildings Five and Six were completed in spring of 2016.

Buildings 3 & 4 will be getting new carpet in the spring of 2017

Town House Trellis Repair

There are several town homes that have trellis issues and we are fabricating new trellises onsite and installing them as needed

Wainscoting, Baseboard & Hallway Painting

We've installed wainscoting and baseboard in all mid-rise buildings to enhance our common area hallways. We are now in the process of painting the hallways and will complete that over the course of the winter of 2017.

There are always projects underway at the Belmont. This winter is no exception!

This winter, we're painting all the mid-rise stairwells. We are also replacing and building a brand new retaining wall and stairs along the back side of the Town Homes on Gordon Ritche Road. We're removing and replacing landscape in front of Building Five, certain areas of Building Six and the island in front of TH 31. We're also replacing Trellises in front of the Town Homes that need them and doing some cosmetic work at the pool and restaurant restrooms.

We have a rotating and ongoing procedure to paint balcony ceilings, rails and fascias. We are also making structural repairs to many of the balconies and concrete blocks that re no longer sound.

As you may have noticed, the Belmont is conducting perimeter edge roof work on Building 1, 2, 3 & 4. This work is needed to bring the roof fastening up to current code.

When the roof blew off on Building Two this past March, it was discovered that the design was not the up to the standard for today's building code. The original roof was composed of tar and gravel; thus making it a very heavy roof.

Now, we have PVC on Buildings 1 & 2 and Rubber on Buildings 3 & 4; the type of fastener is outdated for these much lighter roofs. Today's method of fastening a roof is securing it directly to the metal, with a fastener every 6". Previously, the roof was tied in by securing fastener every 16" and nailed to the 2 x 10 planking and hollow core CMU (concrete block)

​You also may remember that the roof in Buildings 3 & 4 blew off a few years after replacement and that was due to the same lack of proper fastening.

During the process of replacement of the damaged roof on Building 1 & 2; we had structural engineers evaluate the reason for failure. Now that we know what the problem is, it's incumbent upon the Belmont to make the proper repairs. If we fail to do so, we may not be compensated for a future loss.

We anticipate this work to be completed within the next 2 months and possibly sooner!

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The Belmont

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TREX Decking Board Walks to the Beach.

2007 - 2015 Completed Projects



​Replacement of the Main Boardwalk is nearing completion. This boardwalk is incredibly solid, since we are using two 4' boards butted up to each other and then nailing them in place. We used the old boardwalk to form a railroad style track system that we've secured the new boardwalk to. The old boardwalk (replaced just 5 years ago) became unstable and presented a danger and liability risk.

The Belmont

2007 & 2008

Replaced the roof and siding of the restaurant and associated cabanas.
Replaced many cabana doors and louvers for owners that ordered them.
Repainted the mid-rise garage walls
Replaced sidewall and roofs in townhomes.
Replaced the roof in Buildings 3 & 4
Installed new galvanized stairwell for owners that ordered them in Buildings 1 & 2
Resurfaced the pool with diamond Brite™

2008 & 2009

Replaced the roof on the pool building and associated cabanas
Replaced the structural column on Building One.
Repainted all midrise balcony handrails.
Repainted the main entrance trim.
Replaced all common area windows.
Built the new paver walkway with Compass Rose Inserts to the Restaurant and Pool.
Installed new high strength pool cover.
Installed new energy savings digital thermostats in all midrise hallways.

2009 & 2010

Removed overgrown Brush and Trees north of the Boardwalk in Buildings 1 through 4.
Replaced the roof on the Management and Business offices.
Installed a new playground.
Added speedbumps for safety
Replace all wooden boardwalks behind Buildings 1 through 4.

2010 & 2011

Installed new carpet in the restaurant
Installed cobblestone border along paver walkway
Installed new wells throughout the property for irrigation purposes.
Repainted the parking lot lines
Installed native stone at townhouse entrances for drainage.

2011 & 2012

Replaced the decks and substructures at the swimming pool interior.
Removed Trees east of the boardwalks.
Installed new Douglas Fir ceilings in the lobbies in Buildings 3, 4, 5 & 6
Created and installed the Belmont “B” Garden

2012 & 2013

Installed Chair Rail in all Midrise Buildings
Replaced the Building Entry Pedestals.
Installed a new Fire Alarm system throughout the property.
Installed tile wall in the pool locker room showers.
Acid washed the pool to restore brilliance in the Diamond Brite™
Installed a new “After Hours” entry into the ladies’ room for use of both genders.
Replaced siding and windows in the pool building and recreation room.

2013 & 2014

Repaired window sills and replaced concrete block throughout the property.
Replaced all midrise garage doors. (assessed to midrise owners)
Replaced the locker room ceilings and repainted the walls.
Installed new metal roofs on Buildings 1 & 2
Replaced the majority of ceiling tiles in the garage of Buildings 1 & 2.
Replaced the substructure and decks or the Restaurant and associated cabanas with IPE wood.
Replaced the Landscape in front of Buildings 1 & 2 and TH 6


Replaced the deck and substructure on the exterior of the pool
building and associated cabanas


Hallway, Door and Trim Painting




The roof project has now reached completion of the insulation and membrane has been installed. Over the next few days, we'll be finishing up the detail work (Walk-Pads, The decking under the rooftop units, etc). The only thing we are behind on is the metal edging. That being said, we should have the metal by the end of next week, or early the week after. Once we have it, we'll begin installation immediately.

 We expected this project to last through the first week of December but due to very challenging weather conditions, we now anticipate the project to be completed by the first week of April. The roofers can't work in winds exceeding 25MPH or inclement weather. Please check back here for photo updates on a regular basis.

Sun, Sand  & Sea


We have completed the waterproofing project for 2016. This project was completed in separate steps.


         * Pressure wash the full exterior

         * Remove and replace degraded caulking around windows and mortar joints

         * Repair or replace compromised concrete blocks

​         * Repair any spalling concrete on balcony slabs

          *Spray on a clear waterproofing concrete sealer

​          *Repair the damages landscape from the heavy machinery used for waterproofing buildings.